Frequently Asked Questions

What is toptender?
toptender is a learning management system built specifically for the cannabis industry. We provide a platform for budtenders, brands, and retailers to foster better knowledge absorption, retention, as well as collaboration and innovation.

What is a learning management system?
A learning management system, or LMS, is a software program that hosts e-learning content such as courses, worksheets, quizzes and tests.

How much does toptender cost for a Budtender?
It’s absolutely free.

How much does it cost for Retail Stores?
It’s absolutely free. We welcome you to check out

How much does it cost for a Brand?
One-time onboarding fee. Free for an unlimited number of courses. Additional premium features will incur a cost.

Can anyone access the course content on toptender?
No, course material is industry only.

How do you restrict access to toptender courses?
In order to view courses on toptender, you must have a retail, brand, or budtender account.