The integrated LMS for the cannabis industry.

Dive into the Weeds with Budtenders

Toptender is a training and education platform built to engage the cannabis industry.

Toptender is a trusted partner of industry leading brands
Cru Fairwinds Mr. Moxey's Pax

Customized Training

Direct and easy communication and assigned courses for onboarding/training of employees with trackable course completions and incentivized reward systems

Dashboard Dashboard

Direct Budtender Engagement

Direct to budtender SMS, courses budtenders want to learn created by your brand, and surveys. All with rewards and certifications to drive engagement, knowledge, and sales.

Dashboard Dashboard


Easy to use and Intuitive Interface

An online training and education platform designed to be powerful, flexible and modern.

Learning Management

The ability to build e-learning courses tailored to your unique culture and business, and the tools to measure what matters to your organization.

Mobile & Responsive Design

Access toptender from anywhere. Our platform works from every user with a web-browser.

Unlimited Courses

The ability to train and educate should not be limited. Our platform allows you to create as many courses as your business needs.

Unlimited Quiz and Surveys

Feedback from the industry is critical and our platform allows for unlimited quiz and survey responses.

Course QR Codes

Reinforce training where questions arise so that no questions are left unanswered.

Better, Faster Training

Increase adoption and retention rates by providing consistent training and proactively educating your workforce.

Reduced Costs

Reduce time to value and deliver training and education in an engaging format, right from day one.

Improved Communication

Toptender gives brands and retailers the tools to engage their workforce, increasing product understanding, customer experience, and feedback that matters.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Toptender drives engagement with budtenders. An educated workforce, confident in their knowledge about products, sells more. Period.

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Feature message
"toptender has been a great tool for our company. It has increased our sales and further educated our budtenders. They have a great team dynamic with wonderful people. They are also very reliable and will get back to you very fast. I would highly recommend toptender for any companies wanting to gain more education for their business."
High End Marketplace
Brenette Leifer

Co-Owner, The High Road

"toptender is taking cannabis knowledge to the next level! By streamlining product knowledge directly to budtender's phones, toptender has created a baseline for information in the industry, eliminating confusion between producers and the sales floor. toptender’s Empowerment Programs are a must for any dispensary that takes the medical aspects of cannabis seriously. Highly recommended."
High End Marketplace

General Manager, High End Marketplace

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